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Canadian rapper Shad appears on Story Untold Podcast

Shad: “We really need each other”

The Peabody and International Emmy Award-winning host of Hip-Hop Evolution, Canadian rapper Shad is something of a hip-hop polymath. Born in Kenya to Rwandan parents and raised in London, Ontario, he holds a master’s degree in liberal studies from Simon Fraser University, is the former host of CBC Radio’s Q, and once beat Drake for … Continue reading Shad: “We really need each other”

Best of Story Untold: Fear (Part 1)

Everything you want, it has been said, is on the other side of fear. On this week’s Story Untold, hear from some of the most memorable conversations on the podcast about fear — from quieting doubts as a meditative practice, how anxiety and speech are intertwined, the urgency of overcoming fear, and how fear can … Continue reading Best of Story Untold: Fear (Part 1)

Shad: “I’m always looking for hope”

On a damp Wednesday morning in Toronto, Shad is standing barefoot in the driveway of his stacked townhouse complex, decked out in shorts and his ubiquitous Manifesto hoodie. He is doing so because an interviewer is lost, having already knocked on the wrong door once. Upon meeting, he smiles and apologizes that first, he need … Continue reading Shad: “I’m always looking for hope”