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Eva Holland: “Fear is essential”

In 2015, writer and Outside magazine correspondent Eva Holland was forced to confront the question: what happens when the thing you fear the most comes true? The daughter of a mother who lost her own parents young, Holland long feared the same would happen to her. Then, on a camping trip in northwestern British Columbia, … Continue reading Eva Holland: “Fear is essential”

Shelma Jun is changing attitudes around climbing. Photo: Irene Yee.

Shelma Jun: “Climbing is in such a different place now”

Shelma Jun is, by most metrics, an unlikely face for the sport of climbing. A late arrival to the scene — she didn’t begin until her mid-twenties — she lives in New York City, about as far-removed a place from Yosemite and Joshua Tree as they come. Which is kind of the point. A Korean-American … Continue reading Shelma Jun: “Climbing is in such a different place now”