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David Roskelley: “Enjoy the grind”

David Roskelley has a penchant for difficult things. The first American to climb the Seven Summits and Volcanic Seven Summits, the highest mountains and volcanoes on each continent, Roskelley has survived on yak meat while summiting Mount Everest, and traveled as far afield as Papua New Guinea and Antarctica in search of peaks to climb. … Continue reading David Roskelley: “Enjoy the grind”

Sharon Wood: “I did it for the sheer passion”

In 1986, as part of a Canadian team, Sharon Wood became the first woman from the Americas to summit Mount Everest–and the first woman in the world to do so via the West Ridge from Tibet and without Sherpa support. Often the only woman on expeditions, Wood was an outlier in a predominantly male bastion … Continue reading Sharon Wood: “I did it for the sheer passion”