Sarah McNair-Landry: “The Arctic Ocean is an amazing and terrifying place”

Raised in Iqaluit, adventurer-filmmaker Sarah McNair-Landry learned to ski and drive sled dogs from her polar guide parents. At nineteen, she became the youngest person to reach both the North and South Poles. She has traversed the Gobi Desert by kite-buggy, traveled Greenland by kayak, survived brushes with hungry polar bears, and now teaches newcomers how to thrive on winter expeditions.

“[On the Arctic Ocean], it can be minus 40, and you can run into open water, or have these big chunks of ice crack in half, and then the next day, they’ll pile together and create these massive pressure ridges to get up and over. It’s a hard place to describe; it’s so different and dynamic and moving and changing. On one side, it can be very beautiful, and on the other side, it can be very demoralizing.” – Sarah McNair-Landry

Photo: Sarah McNair-LandryThis episode has been edited for clarity.