Dr. Erynne Gilpin: “Knowledge is relational”

A co-founder of UATÊ // STORIED LEARNING, a vehicle for community-led knowledge mobilization through film and storytelling, Erynne Gilpin is a Victoria-based educator, birth doula, bead worker, and activist. The creator of Indigenous Womxn Climb, she is interested in Indigenous resurgence through “embodied governance, insurgent healing, and land/water-based wellness.”

“Knowledge is really interconnected with everything that’s around us, everything that is in our ancestry, in our kinship networks, and also in who defines our family networks … where we are living, and what places we’re connected to. That was a theme that I described in my dissertation as ‘Kitaskînaw î pî kiskinohamâkoya,’ which means in Cree that the land gives us our knowledge, and the knowledge is what tells us who we are as a people.” – Erynne Gilpin

Photo credit: kl. Peruzzo (@peruzzo.prz)