Carla Funk: “Small towns do something to the imagination”

Carla Funk grew up in a place of logging trucks and God, pellet guns and parables. Every Sunday, she sat with her mother and brother in the same pew at the Mennonite church while her dad stayed home with his cigarettes and a fridge full of whiskey. Part ode to childhood, part love letter to rural life, Every Little Scrap and Wonder offers an original take on the memories, stories, and traditions we all carry within ourselves, whether we planned to or not.

Excerpt from Greystone Books.

4 thoughts on “Carla Funk: “Small towns do something to the imagination”

  1. Brilliant and delightful! Carla’s writing is sharp and compelling as is her way of speaking. She draws you in, creating story and meaning with every little scrap and wonder. I’m devouring this book right now.

  2. Hi Martin
    I really enjoyed this podcast and could relate to much if it, even if from a slightly different sociocultural perspective.
    Did you know that you have a second cousin living in Vanderhoof and that he is/was a pilot? Maybe he even flew one of the helicopters for the ping pong drop!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I enjoyed listening to this story. I could relate to Carla in that she had a separate group of church friends and school friends which I always appreciated in that I got to know a broader range of people. But the school friends were either a more conservative strain of Mennonite or Lutheran from a small village. Many are still friends to this day. I feel so priviledged to have had a rural upbringing and to have enjoyed the freedoms that we had as we explored our protected world. It gave me deep roots from which to grow.

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