Greg Nolan: “I was looking for an adventure”

At nineteen, on Greg Nolan’s first day as a treeplanter, he was given a target of 1,000 trees a day. He managed 93. Such was the start of a 27-year career in treeplanting, during which the Vancouver Island-based Nolan braved grizzly bear encounters, hurricanes, landslides, and life-threatening situations of nearly every conceivable kind.

In his debut memoir, Highballer, Nolan looks back on a time in the silviculture arena when the industry was largely unregulated, and work came in some of the more remote, isolated, and technically challenging regions in British Columbia and Alberta. On Story Untold, he recounts some of his most hair-raising experiences, the hippie-like subculture that went along with the job, and what it took to plant over 2.5 million trees.

With excerpts adapted from Highballer book jacket.