Eileen Zheng: “Kindness is out there”

In February of 2015, Eileen Zheng donated her left kidney to her mother. A year later, she cycled across Canada to prove that “life does not stop [after donating]; it is where another life can begin.”

“It all started when I was 8. My mother taught me how to ride a bike, and since then, I’ve been biking around saving money on transportation and helping to make a greener Vancouver.

The hardship came from my mother’s rejection to not accept my kidney. Instead, she chose to do dialysis for over half a decade. She, just like many others who are unaware, was concerned for the living donor’s health. In the end, she accepted it on Mother’s Day 2014; I was overjoyed! She had no choice, because both her kidneys had to be removed and her health was quickly deteriorating. Finally, she had to say yes.

The process took a long time; I soon realized that this was due to the costs that the hospitals have to pay for – all the examinations, blood works, X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, genetics tests, and more. I knew we had to help. I want people to know that they can still live a regular healthy active life after donating an organ. Life does not stop here; it is where another life can begin.” – Eileen Zheng

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